Be part of bigger ecosystem

Together we will grow as a fundraiser team, helping people and gain benefit from it.

muslim al fateh di uganda
muslim al fateh di palestin
muslim al fateh di uganda
muslim al fateh di palestin
muslim al fateh di gaza

Al-Fateh Network

Al-Fateh Network is a Membership System give benefit to a donor and recipient of the donation.

As a traditional method for NGOs they will collect donation from donor and give to the recipient. But non of them give something back to the donor.

With Al-Fateh Network we will celebrate our donor. Make you a part of our team.

By using affiliate system you will get up to 15% of donation of your collection as appreciate token.

Click “learn More” below to get how we manage to give appreciate token.

Member Fees

Our fair price for all member

  1. This Takaful is a collaboration with AgroBank, Malaysia. For additional information about takaful, as below.
  2. Takaful will be registered after successful second month contribution.
  3. Qualifications
  • All Malaysian Citizens and Permanent Residents (PR)
  • Aged 15 days to 75 years

Where's Your Monthly Membership Channeled


Most of your Membership Fees will given back to donor. Because you make it happen.


It will distribute to our current cause and project. And most importantly it will cover our school and madrasah. Currently located at Sabah, Malaysia. InsyaAllah will open more at Uganda, Syria, and Palestine.


Will help our operational cost. Include wages, marketing, transportation, and logistic.


It will invest to sustainability project to help asnaf start business out of poverty. And help it own community.