Why we established this NGO

As we know in Malaysia, there are many NGOs that help the poor. However, almost all NGOs are offered assistance only once. After giving aid, the NGO and the aid recipient are not in contact.
They do not know the progress of the beneficiaries. Is the help provided enough? Do they need extra help? How do children learn at school?
Worse NGOs do not consider beneficiary development. Are their lives improving? Is there a way for them to get out of poverty? For them humanitarian work is just a business.
So here we are from Al Fateh Muslim Organization to solve this problem. We are determined to lift some of the poor out of poverty, so that they can also help others.

How do I become member or affiliate?

At footer of each pages on this website have a link to affiliate registration and dashboard.

How can NGO can give gift & remuneration?

Like other NGOs we have funds for marketing purposes. We use those funds again to give gifts and remuneration. In addition, we also have a business to cover operating costs. This is also one of our sources of funds. The price placed on the gift is the value of the item, not our purchase cost. And the purchase cost will be lower if bought in bulk. This is our initiative to invite people to do good with waqf and sadakah.

Other than financial what help can we do?

We appreciate it if you can share to your network our work and charity platform. So others will see us.

Where is the operational office of this NGO?

Our operational office is in Melaka, Malaysia. And our work cover Internationally that include Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya, Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon. InsyaAllah we will open branches in every state and country.
Address : JB 9077-1, Jalan SR 1, Taman Serkam Ria, 77300 Merlimau, Malacca.

How to contact us

You can contact us on our social media, email or phone. Email and phone number information can be found below.
Email: office@fateh.org.my
Phone: +606-2636 888

Does NGO accept donations?

Yes, we welcome your contributions. You can directly bank in to the account below or through the projects we run. However, we cannot accept physical donations such as clothes, blankets, food and others. Because we have nowhere to store.
Bank: Maybank
Name: Muslim Al-Fateh
Account No: 5540 5362 3611

Is my financial contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. For Malaysian donor will get tax exemption if donation more than RM2,000 in one receipt. Must request at us within 2 month after the donation.